Different modes of Brawl stars game


Brawl stars are one of the strategic games released last week for iOS platform. Those that have played clash royale game know how much interesting it is to play brawl stars because the game play is similar with slight changes in the rules of the game.

Clash royale is already famous in different versions and this game is released by the same developer called Supercell therefore the gamers will have astounding gaming experience for sure. The release of the game is announced through YouTube by Supercell the official developer and releaser of this game.

Interesting game play

Brawl stars have attractive graphics and fantastic theme hence it scored well in the market in a very short time from the release. The game play of the game is very simple but the setup is most exciting. Collect the Cheats for brawl Stars and start the battle that’s it. In Clash Royale the player has to play the game as a sing player and even if the player chooses multiplayer mode, the opponent will be also single player. So, the battle will be between two players against each other. But here in this game, the player will not be single as team will be involving in the battle. A team of 3 persons have to battle against the team of 3 persons hence it is a death game between 3×3 teams.

Collect brawls

The players have to collect the brawls as much as but if they lose the battle, the collected brawls will be endowed to the opponent. The player has to kill the other players in the opponent team and will score points for each killing. Having the points, the player will be able to collect more number of brawls from the brawl boxes. If the players find Elixir in the box all of a sudden then the player can use it to upgrade the brawls. There are 15 brawls in the game to choose and players have to increase the score to choose.

Let’s check different modes of the game as there are four different modes such as:

·         Bounty

·         Smash and Grab

·         Show down

·         Heist


Two teams will have to participate in this mode and each team will have three players. Within the 3 minutes the team with most starts will win the game. Players get stars by killing the player of the other team and once a player is killed then the starts the player has will be taken by the player who has killed.

Smash and Grab

It is also a 3×3 game mode in which the player has to collect crystals. The crystals will appear from the middle of the map and it will appear every now and then in 5-6 seconds.


It is also played as team with 3×3 format in which one team has to break the safe and other team has to defend the safe. All these should happen within 30 seconds.


The only game mode not played in 3×3 formats and the battle happens with 10 players. The last standing player wins the game.