Mini Drones: Its 3 Types and Tips to Know!

Little robots floating in the sky that we see at various places are drones. You might have noticed a lot of these at weddings; capturing pictures of guests or nearby historic places with lots of tourists wandering around with Spark (continue reading to know about Spark!).

The sole purpose of drones cannot be defined. They can be used for fun by teens, by photographers who intend to click rare and realistic images. Best mini drone is in trend with the grad engineer students as in the movie 3 Idiots if you recall.

Types of mini-drones

  1. Tello

Tello was thoughtfully created by Ryze Tech so that you can have fun with it. It comes with 720P HD camera, 13-min max flight time and 100m max transmission range. These are apt for flying indoor. Cool, right?

  1. Spark

A godsend for travelers and photographers, Spark is portable and controlled by gestures. It comes with a 12MP camera and can sense hindrance, a total package for quick shots. Get your selfie mode on people!

  1. Mavic Air

For explorers, the excellent time comes packed with a 3-axis Gimbal and 4K camera of Mavic air. It weighs about 430 gm and can cover 10 km radius around you. Video shooting can be upgraded with the help of Mavic Air. Moreover, get it in sports mode and start fast-paced racing.

Best Mini Drone is one which tiny enough to enclose within your fist. Next time you notice, those little flies could be mini-drones.

Tips to know for drone pilots

  • Get familiar with manual and buttons
  • Try to protect the drone from barriers
  • Avoid practicing in a crowded place
  • Direct your drone to come back home with RTH altitude
  • Look after signals like battery and GPS
  • Begin practice with letting it wander near you
  • Check the weather beforehand
  • Fly gently, not in reverse

You are ready to take off. Happy flying!